Finding a Mentor (or mentors!)

Hi all!

I’m Natalie – A sophomore history and journalism major at Northern Illinois University. I created this blog to document my experience and progress with Research Rookies – A program giving undergraduates the opportunity to gain research experience, make connections, and explore their future field of employment.

The first step in the program was finding a research mentor (or in my case, mentors!). I began by looking at profiles on the History Department’s website, to see whose research interested me. I knew I was interested in Modern German history, particularly National Socialism, so I set up a meeting with Dr. Heide Fehrenbach, who specializes in this area, which went very well. I also set up a meeting with Dr. Vera Lind, a professor specializing in Early Modern Europe & Germany, whose research pertaining to themes of culture, race and identity intrigued me – which corresponds with the themes I will be addressing when researching National Socialism.

Both meetings went extremely well, so I am excited to have two knowledgable and accomplished mentors to guide me through the research process.



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