Research Topic Part II

I have decided to which avenue I want to explore for my research project, and it is quite different to the ideas I was discussing in the previous blog post. As I mentioned, I contemplated comparing the portrayal of children with Hitler and Stalin, but the more I read the more this topic seemed somewhat predictable. I returned to my initial bibliography to see what sources I had not yet read, and after some reading I had an ‘aha!’ moment that resulted in my research topic: A comparison between the representation of children in official and amateur German photography 1939-1945.

Right now I am working on my proposal due Friday, and am reading through a book on amateur photography. Next I will have to make a research appointment at the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center at Skokie, so I can begin looking at primary source material!


2 thoughts on “Research Topic Part II

  1. Congrats on finally finding a legitimately awesome topic! It took me a while in the research process to actually discover what I was really doing, too. I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know for a while. 🙂 Keep on rocking, Natalie! Make sure to take some pictures at the Holocaust Museum, too!

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