Let the adventures begin!

There is exactly one hour until I depart for Rome (via Munich), and I am pretty sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Well, I may have forgotten a little bit of German since my last day of class in May, but I will have plenty of time to practice when I start school in Germany (For those that don’t know, I am studying in Berlin at Freie Universität for a semester, and am also researching at the Bundesarchiv Militärarchiv in Freiburg in December).

I am sitting in the Lufthansa lounge with not much to do except scroll through Facebook and dream about all the delicious European coffee I am going to drink over the next months. However, I did find myself making a checklist of what NOT to do the week before a 5 month long trip…

1. You do not need half of what you think you need. No, Natalie, you do not need that extra pair of shoes, a box of bandaids, scissors, 3 novels, or a tent.

2. Don’t go shopping. That pair of shoes could have bought you a delicious piece of schnitzel!

3. The travel size aisle is not your friend. Again, it makes you think you need more than you really do!

4. Don’t watch Taken. Don’t do it.

Anyway, almost time to board…Tschüß!


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