Day One

We arrived in Rome late afternoon Monday, and after some delicious pizza and bruschetta we wandered around the Vatican at night. It was stunning!

On Tuesday, we headed to St. Peter’s Basilica which was architecturally magnificent. I couldn’t believe how huge the place was, and the detail was amazing. I did have to buy a scarf from a street vendor because you have to cover your shoulders and knees to enter the church.

Then we headed to Castel Sant’Angelo which is a large cylinder castle that is sort of ugly on the outside but quite beautiful on the inside. We opted for an audio tour, which was great to learn all the architecture and history of the castle, which was at different points used as a burial site, papal apartments, and a fortress.

After a bite to eat (linguini and olive bruschetta) we decided to go to Villa Medici. We couldn’t figure out how we were supposed to get in so we went on a walking adventure of Rome, including the Trinità dei Monti, Fontana di Trevi, Monumento a Vittorio Emmanuele II, the archaeological site (Palatino) and the Colosseo (Colosseum).

Tomorrow we will do a tour of Musei Vaticani (7km of Vatican museums including the Sistine Chapel) as well as Palatino and the Colosseum. And probably some gelato for lunch, no?

(Below)Vatican by night


(Below) Beautiful view of Rome, just by Trinità dei Monti


(Below) Fontane di Trevi


(Below) The Colosseum




One thought on “Roma

  1. Oh my, I am so filled with pure envy. 🙂 Glad you’re having a blast in Roma. Looks beautiful. Great pics by the way! That’s funny they asked you to cover up at St. Peter’s. Haha, what is there, a morality cop at the entrance waiting for “scantily clad” women? So cool you’re there, though. Roma’s one of those rare places in Europe that seems even more ancient and vibrant than everywhere else. Sure, Germany has castles and all, but, no offense to Charlemagne or the Teutonic tribes, compared to the awesomeness of the Roman Empire, they were pretty much barbarians. That’s the coolest thing about Rome: so much is preserved. You’re a lucky girl!
    Oh, and the Trevi fountain has special significance to me because of this scene from my favorite film: Good stuff. 🙂

    Have fun, Natalie!

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