What I love about Florence

After another quick stop in Rome, I am now in Firenze, or Florence. Unlike Rome, I arrived in Florence not really knowing what to expect or what I would discover, which made this city all the more magical. Instead of an overview of what I’ve seen and done, here is a selection of things that I love about Florence

In no particular order

The stair climb up the Duomo. Easily one of the coolest things I’ve seen so far. I climbed over 400 stairs in an old spiraling stairwell to reach the famous dome of Florence. We were inside the dome where the paintings were. I have a newfound respect for the painters all those years ago who worked on those masterpieces – the height is scary!

(Below) view from the walkway…eek!


The music in the streets. There are so many great buskers in Florence. It was awesome strolling through the winding streets and hearing the sound of an accordion, acoustic guitar, or violin. A band playing outside the Duomo made the long line for the climb much more bearable!

Walking the streets. Everywhere you turn in Florence there is a atrium hidden behind iron wrought gates inside a building, an ornate cathedral, or a cute little corner restaurant. The city has such a great atmosphere – it’s lively but not chaotic. And there are some great shops with homemade gifts, not just store after store of the same souvenirs. I had a custom journal made today for only 12€, with leather binding and covered with unique Florentine paper.


Doors. And door handles. No really! Everyone has really nice doors here…



Those are just some of the things I love about Florence. And, I almost forgot, the Statue of David is magnificent. Well worth a 2 hour wait.



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