Serene Switzerland

Guten Tag/Bonjour/Buongiorno!

With its mountainous landscape, picturesque lakeside towns, and perfect location on the cusp of France, Germany, and Italy, Switzerland really is a gem with incomparable natural beauty. I was only there for two days, but had enough time to explore Basel and Luzern. It was nice to relax and stroll about the towns without an agenda or hopping from one tourist attraction to the next. I packed a lunch and had a small picnic by the serene Lion Monument, climbed up the medieval clock tower, walked on the lakeside, and enjoyed some Czech music by the music festival in Luzern. I would love to go back in winter and do some skiing and catch one of the cable cars up to Mt Pilatus! But for now, on to Paris!

(Below) Luzern


(Below) Augustweggen – Little bread rolls made for Swiss National Day in August. Yum!


(Below) Lake Luzern. Too bad that beautiful blue water was a bit too chilly for a swim!



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