Research Update

Our mid-semester break begins this week. Or as I like to call it, “research week!”

Today I am spending the day at the FU Library, reading and preparing some analysis questions for the places I will visit this week. The FU philological library (also known to students as the “brain”) is a great place to work because it is dead silent, especially on a Saturday.


On Tuesday I will be visiting the Photo Archive at the German Historical Museum to view albums by Wehrmacht soldiers in Poland. I am looking forward to (but am also a little nervous) my first experience researching in a German archive. It will be a great experience both in handling original material AND getting acquainted with German archives in Berlin. I don’t think communicating in German should be a problem, as I looked up some vocab and such to help me during my visit…we shall see!

Then on Monday and Wednesday I will be looking at microfilm of Nazi era newspapers at the Stabi (state library). Hoping to find photographs by propaganda units published in newspapers.

That’s all for my update for now…I will let you know how it goes!

German word of the day: Wanderlust. An impulse or longing to travel.


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