March update


One of many institutions I have consulted for source material, both primary and secondary. Topographie des Terrors Museum und Bibliothek, Berlin.

Undergraduate Research & Artistry Day (URAD) and the National Council for Undergraduate Research (NCUR) are just around the corner in April! All is on track. Over the past week, I have been busy writing my first draft of my historiography, which will now allow me to connect my primary analysis to the secondary literature. This has led me to contemplate some complex historical and theoretical questions: What do we see when we look at these photographs? Are we seeing a historical reality of the events depicted, or are we viewing the reality visually constructed by the photographer? Or do our personal experiences and backgrounds influence what we see? I intend to address this questions in both this research project and future extensions of this project.

I have put together a skeleton of my URAD poster as well, I just need to plug in my information after I do some more writing. I also have to start putting together my oral presentation for NCUR, which I am a little nervous about because I have not presented at a conference without a poster! But this is something I will develop with the help of my mentor, so I am confident I will have an interesting presentation. I am looking forward to it, this will be an awesome experience in presenting my research!



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