National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Greetings from the road to Lexington, Kentucky!

I am currently traveling with a group of other students to Lexington for the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at the University of Kentucky. I will be presenting on the research project you have all heard lots about on this blog, “Reexamining German Photography: Official and Unofficial Images from Eastern Europe (1939-1945).”

I am looking forward to gaining experience in presenting my research, and to hear what other undergrads are up to. This will also be a great opportunity to network and meet some representatives from graduate schools I am currently looking at!

So stage 2 of my research on German photography has wrapped up really well. I have applied to the University Honors Scholars Program to delve into a new project this summer and for my senior thesis. I plan on moving beyond an ideological reading of German photographs by considering them in a broader analytical context – Do they share characteristics with European and American visual and commercial culture at the time? How do they relate to photographic trends of Weimar Germany? Essentially, it is not a brand new project, but I have developed a new angle with which to approach my topic.

Anyway, I will check in again after my presentation – Looking forward to it! A huge thanks to the Office of Student Engagement & Experiential Learning and the University Honors Program at NIU for sponsoring my participation in this conference!


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