April news

Boy, has it been a great week!

I have been selected for the University Honors Scholars Program, which will allow me to continue my research over the summer in preparation for my capstone and senior thesis. I have also been selected to participate in a seminar on archival and historical research at the Center for Jewish History in New York City in May. I’m excited to take my research to the next level – I will share some updates about my newest research endeavor soon!

With Undergraduate Research & Artistry Day coming up around the corner, I have printed my poster, begun inviting various people to the event, and preparing my short presentation. I feel much more confident than I did last year, as I now have some more practice presenting my research (especially at NCUR last week). Honestly I am not nervous at all, I am rather excited to present my research again actually. Knowing that people come to your oral presentation or stop by your poster just to hear what you’ve been researching is a definite confidence boost. I know there are also some fantastic projects from various departments I look forward to seeing as well.

Here is the poster I will be presenting at URAD. Its pretty similar to last year’s format, with different information and new images!



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